Bryanston学校 is different from other independent schools.
Inspired by 90 years of innovative practice, our approach to education 和 our distinctive culture nurtures purposeful, curious 和 well-rounded individuals.


At the heart of our approach – our one-to-one, five-year duration tutor, pupil 和 parent partnership.



We live by our values that reflect our commitment to individuality, which lies at the heart of our approach 和 culture. This is evident in our people, 还有一种特殊的创造力,可以激发所有学科的创新思维和挑战.

Our distinctive unbounded value speaks to the open-minded, challenging 和 inspiring nature of the Bryanston experience, our humanity 和 our pupils who are curious, self-reliant 和 purposeful. 在学校之外,mgm高梅美线路入口拥抱教育、文化和社会倡议.


At the heart of Bryanston’s approach is our distinctive method of education, the Bryanston方法. It has been the keystone of the School’s philosophy since our foundation in 1928, tailored to the needs 和 interests of each pupil. There is no Bryanston ‘type’ – we want our pupils to think for themselves.

Alongside high academic st和ards 和 expectations, we also provide an emotionally 和 intellectually supportive environment, allowing pupils to develop independent, 有创意的, 和 unbounded thinking. mgm高梅美线路网站鼓励 创新创造力 in all areas of the curriculum, believing that imagination, 的角度来看, 和 boldness are as applicable in history, 科学, or maths as in 音乐 or art.

田园保健 sits at the heart of everything we do, 和 the Pastoral 和 the 学术 integrate through the Bryanston one-to-one tutorial 系统.  每一个学生都被精心匹配到他们的导师,这种关系将持续学生在mgm高梅美线路入口的几年时间. 导师指导每个辅导学生对自己的学习负责,并在每周的一对一辅导中讨论他们的健康和进步. 他们帮助学生计划和管理一周的最后期限和优先事项,并鼓励学生独立. 随着时间的推移, the tutor also supports them through key moments in their education, such as option choices, 考试, 和 university applications. At all times, they act as each pupil’s champion 和 advocate.


mgm高梅美线路网站的文化 fosters an open-minded, mgm高梅美线路网站为学生提供具有挑战性和启发性的个人成长环境,让他们找到自己的激情.


相互尊重, 对教学方法的信任和自豪是mgm高梅美线路网站教学方法成功的关键——不仅仅是在教职员工和学生之间, but with parents too.

mgm高梅美线路网站独特的创造性是所有学科的实践和基本元素,这使Bryanston成为一个非常不同的学习体验——建立独特的独立思考, 自力更生, realism 和 authenticity.


How do we judge the effect of our approach?

The impact is clear in the academic 和 personal achievements of our pupils, 但重要的是, 你可以在气氛中感受到mgm高梅美线路网站文化的影响,也可以在学生和员工之间的关系中看到它, in the lifelong friendships made at Bryanston, 和 in the choices our pupils make about their lives at school 和 beyond.

Creative learning

Bryanston has a distinctive approach to education which encourages, enables 和 supports pupils on their journey. We are ambitious for every pupil.

mgm高梅美线路网站将创造力视为跨学科思考的实用和必要元素, which makes Bryanston a very different learning experience.

mgm高梅美线路网站坚定地以个人为中心,mgm高梅美线路网站孜孜不倦地工作,以确保每个学生不仅取得他们应得的成绩, but also learns to think independently, 自力更生,探索新的兴趣——它们常常会让mgm高梅美线路网站和自己感到惊讶.


mgm高梅美线路入口有一种独特的文化,它颂扬个人和他们无限的潜力. We are proud to be different.



Unbounded thinking

Bryanston is an open minded, challenging 和 inspiring environment for personal growth, where we provide the space for pupils to find their own passions.

The unbounded breadth of our offer reflects the breadth of pupils’ interests, beyond the conventional to the 有创意的, practical 和 vocational, including focus areas where we specialise 和 offer support.


mgm高梅美线路网站为mgm高梅美线路网站的学生选择的宽广的目的地而欢呼——从大学和其他学术目的地到创意艺术, 体育, 音乐, social impact 和 vocational.


mgm高梅美线路网站渴望帮助学生理解,有各种途径进入工作的世界. 越来越多的学生选择寻找获得职业资格证书的其他途径,mgm高梅美线路网站继续与提供重点离校学生项目的公司加强联系, higher level apprenticeships 和 sponsored degree courses. mgm高梅美线路网站也鼓励学生拓宽视野,考虑出国留学和在英国留学所提供的潜力.


在学校之外,mgm高梅美线路入口拥抱教育、文化和社会倡议. By facing outwards, mgm高梅美线路入口参与了一个广泛的社区,并分享了这种方法的积极影响, ethos 和 facilities of the School.


Bryanston欢迎扩展社区来享受Bryanston校园优秀的文化和创意艺术设施. 这些学校包括Tom Wheare音乐学校和Coade Hall, Coade Hall有丰富的音乐课程, theatre 和 film is curated, along with the renowned Bryanston Art Department.

The exceptional sporting, 户外教育及马术设施,让更多人有机会分享mgm高梅美线路网站美丽的校园.

学校与更广泛的mgm高梅美线路入口社区合作,包括mgm高梅美线路网站的老mgm高梅美线路入口人(以前的学生)和mgm高梅美线路网站的父母的支持, 专业知识为mgm高梅美线路网站持续的创新承诺提供信息和信息.

How will we judge our impact?

mgm高梅美线路入口致力于扩大其提议的范围,以造福所有有影响力的人, 包容, 开放——并展示独立学校在扩大教育覆盖面方面的思想领导能力.


Bryanston学校 is situated on a beautiful site in Bl和ford Forum in Dorset.