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Admissions at Bryanston Prep

We are delighted that you are considering Bryanston Prep for your child.

Boys and girls can begin their time at Bryanston Prep when they are three years old by joining our Pre-Prep, and then moving to the Prep School in Year 3 (at age seven) and stay until Year 8 when they will be 13.

The School made the decision to move towards co-education at the end of 2020, so for the first time we are now accepting boys up to and including Year 6 as day pupils. This was extended to include Years 7 and 8 with effect from September 2021. Work has now begun on refurbishing our boarding accommodation in preparation for the move to a full co-education environment by September 2022.

Although Bryanston Prep is a non-selective school, we will seek a confidential reference from your child’s current school and invite them to take part in some form of assessment before they arrive so that we are informed of their strengths and weaknesses. The type of assessment varies depending on entry point.

Contact our Admissions Team

The Admissions team is here to guide and help you with any questions you may have.

Telephone: 01258 452065


View a copy of our digital prospectus here.

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Joining Bryanston Prep

Information on joining the Prep School or Pre-Prep School

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International Applications

Everything you need to know about applying from overseas

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School Fees

Schedule of fees - the cost of coming to Bryanston Prep

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