mgm高梅美线路网站的核心使命是帮助所有国家的孩子获得信心和技能,使他们能够进入下一阶段的教育, well on the road to becoming happy and fulfilled adults.

Children leave Bryanston Knighton房子 with confidence, which they will draw on in their senior schools, universities and in the working world. 他们可以去世界上的任何地方,不管他们的野心有多大, mgm高梅美线路入口奈顿学院的学生们知道,他们可以尝试任何事情,对成功保持乐观,当事情不按计划进行时,他们能保持弹性.

mgm高梅美线路网站的登机时间是 三年级, the British academic year in which boys and girls turn eight, although we have in the past had younger boarders, so it would certainly be an option if required.

For the prep school, the latest point of entry is 年8 which is the final year at Bryanston Knighton房子, after which our pupils move to their chosen senior schools. Should this be the level you are considering for your child, it is highly recommended that they come for a full year.  然而, a number of children do come for one term and many of our past pupils return for the summer term; we run popular short stay packages. Please see our separate brochure for more details.

每年, we receive pupils from various destinations, 包括西班牙, 法国, 意大利, 德国, 比利时, 亚洲, 东欧和非洲.

We are delighted to 欢迎 international children and value the contribution they make to school life; adding an exciting dimension to the school community.  Mutual benefit is gained from the exchange of languages and cultures, 通常会带来长久的友谊和未来学习和工作的机会.

mgm高梅美线路网站的工作人员致力于与海外留学中介和家长合作,为mgm高梅美线路网站的国际学生提供最好的机会,让他们在一个完全融合的社会中学习. We value the partnerships we make and endeavour to provide an efficient and personal service; excellent communication with agents and parents, 对每个孩子的全面了解使mgm高梅美线路网站为国际社会提供的服务非常成功.


品尝师白天或晚上是一种有趣和非正式的方式,与一群人见面,并获得对Bryanston Knighton房子生活的见解. We recommend that you book a local B&B or hotel (we can recommend local accommodation and book this for you) so that you can get to know the area and for your child to spend a taster day/night at Bryanston Knighton房子; our boarders love to have a new friend for a ‘sleepover’ and we would be delighted to arrange this for you.  If time is short, a taster day is always a good compromise.

We always enjoy meeting prospective pupils and their families in person, but this is not always practical.  媚兰伯顿, mgm高梅美线路网站的国际mgm高梅美线路入口协调员将很高兴回答您的任何问题:

电子邮件: international-admissions@knightonhouse.co.uk
电话+44(0)1258 452065或通过预先安排的Zoom电话,如首选.


We recommend that our international pupils join us for a year, 为了安定下来, 结交朋友,并从Bryanston Knighton房子所提供的一切中充分获益, 但这并不总是可能的(取决于母国的指导方针). Children often join us for a term (and then sign up for the rest of the year) or in some cases are only able to join us for a matter of weeks; 请参阅mgm高梅美线路网站的 Short Stays package for what will suit the requirements of your child best.

Although generally our new arrivals join us at the beginning of a term, we are very happy to accept pupils at any stage during the academic year, 只要mgm高梅美线路网站符合所有入学要求,并且有名额. In order to benefit from a total immersion into the English community, we do limit the numbers of any one nationality joining each year group.  因此,为了获得名额,建议尽早报名.


请填妥报名表并交回学校,并将适当的报名费转至学校帐户(详情请参阅费用页). If a particular year group is full, 孩子们在等候名单上,一旦有空位,mgm高梅美线路网站会尽快通知您.

In order to secure your child’s place, 定金的支付将需要在他们的开始日期之前的一段时间. 本按金的余款会在扣除你的决算帐目后退回. 如果你决定不占用这个有担保的地方,然而,押金是不能退还的. 随着时间的临近,mgm高梅美线路网站的国际mgm高梅美线路入口协调员将通过电子邮件向您发送详细信息,并提醒您需要支付的费用.

Additional documents required for registration

There is no entry exam for admission to Bryanston Knighton房子, but it is important that your child flourishes; we therefore pay particular attention to the academic report and reference from their current school.  同样重要的是,mgm高梅美线路网站要了解未来学生的英语水平,以便提供适当的支持.

在注册的时候,mgm高梅美线路网站也要知道您的孩子可能有任何学习困难. We have a dedicated learning support team at Bryanston Knighton房子, and it is useful for us to be aware if extra assistance may be required.


  • a copy of your child’s passport
  • a copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • 一份他们最近的学术报告和学校的推荐信
  • 你的孩子用英语写一篇mgm高梅美线路网站他们自己和他们的爱好的短文
  • 填写完整的个人简介.

Medical Conditions, Medication and Allergy Information 

Should your child require specific medication, have allergies or dietary constraints, it is important that the School is notified when you register. mgm高梅美线路网站寄宿团队中有一位非常能干的护士长她和校医密切合作.

It is very rare that the School is unable to cope with medical requirements; however, in order to be prepared for your child’s arrival, mgm高梅美线路网站询问细节 用英语 of all required medicines to be sent to us in advance. mgm高梅美线路网站的校医坚持要这些收据,以确保她能够在英国使用同等的药物. mgm高梅美线路网站的医生每周来学校一次,全科医生的手术距离学校不到五分钟的车程.

All dietary requirements can be catered for by our school chef. mgm高梅美线路网站是一个 学校没有吃坚果; nothing containing any form of nuts can be consumed on the premises.


每个家庭在海外或父母目前居住或被派驻海外的孩子都必须有一个监护人, regardless of the duration of their stay at Bryanston Knighton房子. 该监护人必须是英国居民,年龄在25岁以上,并且会说英语.

The main duties of the guardian are: 

1. 在学校不负责的紧急情况下,代表家长作出决定.

2. To arrange transport and provide accommodation for the child:

  • during fixed exeat weekends, half-term and holidays as required
  • 以防万一
  • in the event of illness (should a period of recuperation be needed)
  • in the event of an expulsion or suspension.

3. 参加要求或邀请家长出席的相关家长晚会和学校活动.

4. 为缺席的子女作出必要的旅行和行政安排, 确保护照, 如有需要,签证和接种是最新的代表家长.

5. 在发生紧急情况或纪律事件时提供帮助,孩子必须离开学校,而家长不能立即上学.

在英国没有父母的学生不能被接受为寄宿生,除非有确定的监护人. Admission may be refused and the deposit surrendered. Bryanston Knighton房子 does not arrange guardians, nor do we recommend a specific agency; however, mgm高梅美线路网站建议您使用 支持认证公司. 所有的监护机构都提供各种各样的计划和费用,以满足个人的需要.


mgm高梅美线路入口·奈顿学院的半学期周关闭(在较长的秋季学期中关闭10天). 学校4点放学.30pm on the Friday of half term and boarders return by 6.周日下午5点. 一些寄宿生会在期中假期回家,或者和他们指定的监护人呆在一起. 在此期间,父母们通常会选择在英国度假.


There are usually two exeats a term (Friday 4.下午30点至周日6点.00pm), one either side of the half term. 在此期间,布兰斯顿·奈顿之家将继续开放,为mgm高梅美线路网站的寄宿生提供一个选择. 此费用包括周末提供的所有游览及活动费用.


为了从bryanson Knighton House获得全方位的经验, we would recommend a full year’s immersion. 在布兰斯顿·奈顿学院度过三个学期的孩子们满怀信心地离开了, both in their English language and as a fully integrated, 学校的积极分子. 他们通常会和布兰斯顿·奈顿之家共度周末,并建立起终身的友谊.

No two education systems are the same, mgm高梅美线路网站知道,在一些国家,孩子一次离开学校的时间不可能超过几个星期. mgm高梅美线路入口·奈顿学院的工作人员和孩子们非常习惯欢迎来自国外的学生,从几周到一个完整的学期(或两个学期)!)和作为一个小, 家庭学校, mgm高梅美线路网站发现,mgm高梅美线路网站的新初学者很快就适应了mgm高梅美线路入口·奈顿之家的生活,而且往往不愿在住宿结束后离开.

在布兰斯顿·奈顿之家和梅兰妮·伯顿都可以定制住宿, mgm高梅美线路网站的国际mgm高梅美线路入口协调员将很高兴听到您的消息,如果您愿意讨论您孩子的潜在机会. Please feel free to contact her on international-admissions@knightonhouse.co.uk.

English as an Additional Language 

Bryanston Knighton房子拥有悠久的传统,欢迎来自欧洲和更广泛的世界的国际学生进入mgm高梅美线路网站学校的安全和培育环境的家庭.

在EAL部门, 专业的英语教师为学生提供机会提高四种英语阅读技能, 写作, 口语和听力. 同样,mgm高梅美线路网站的目标是鼓励学生在持续的EAL支持下学习整个课程. Most pupils choose to stay at Bryanston Knighton房子 for a minimum of a year to improve their English language skills; others opt to stay one term or several weeks.

在新入学的EAL学生入学后,将对其熟练程度进行评估. Once an initial assessment has taken place, 专门的EAL课程根据学生的需要安排,以小组或一对一的形式进行. 教学人员会密切监察学生的学习进度,并与学科老师保持紧密联系,以确保学生在课程的所有部分都能得到充分的支持.

长期留校学生将有机会参加剑桥关键英语测试。, 明年六月初举行初级英语考试(PET)和初级英语证书(FCE)考试.

在, Bryanston Knighton房子 has achieved 100% pass rates in the KET, PET和FCE检查, with many pupils achieving merit passes and some attaining distinctions.

除了帮助学生通过不同水平的语言能力的进步, the EAL Department is ready to help with general aspects of life in an overseas environment; we provide a safe framework for pupils to learn about Britain and its customs and traditions.

Once pupils have left Bryanston Knighton房子, we offer an EAL online tuition service; providing continuity of teaching. 当mgm高梅美线路网站的海外学生来到mgm高梅美线路入口奈顿学院学习一年或一个学期, during that time they prepare for a wide range of EAL examinations, 从KET到FCE, 他们在mgm高梅美线路网站EAL负责人的悉心教导下取得了优异的成绩. 一回到学校, many children wish to take further examinations online, under the guidance of our staff; our online tutoring service meets that need. Pupils take home all the resources they require (syllabus, 教科书, notes) and book a weekly online lesson slot.


这个秋季学期带来了许多令人怀念的闲聊和笑声,孩子们在追赶过去六个月的新闻.  能回来真是太高兴了, and we are lucky to be a small school with a manageable number of pupils.  公寓很忙, with fewer International pupils than usual, due to the universal uncertainty of Covid-19. Many of those that were due to start this term have deferred, so we anticipate an increase in numbers from January onwards.

The issue of quarantining was interesting, but we are fortunate to have separate accommodation for our 年8s, 哪些学校曾为来自相关国家的学生提供住宿. We have managed to set up a classroom within the flat so, though not actually living with the other pupils, they were able to join in with lessons and socialise remotely.

多塞特郡的新冠肺炎病例仍然是全国最低的之一, and we are very lucky to be living in a rural part of the country.  考虑到这一点, mgm高梅美线路网站非常希望将布兰斯顿奈顿之家推广给国际家庭,并非常希望2021/22年度的兴趣会增加. 如果您有任何问题和/或想要参观学校,mgm高梅美线路网站将很高兴地通过mgm高梅美线路网站mgm高梅美线路入口团队安排. Please contact 媚兰伯顿 at international-admissions@knightonhouse.co.uk 或致电:01258 452065. We would be delighted to hear from you.