mgm高梅美线路入口有着杰出的音乐传统, and music is at the heart of school life in every aspect – socially, 在学术上和精神上.  A focus on participation and performance ensures that music touches the lives of the whole school community.

包容和卓越是一个核心价值, and to achieve this every pupil in the first year has instrumental or singing lessons for the entire year. Pupils perform in an extraordinary range of concerts, 独奏会和音乐团体, and over 600 individual music lessons are taught each week.

The quality of the music produced by pupils is outstanding, and many gain places in national and county orchestras, 大学音乐系及音乐学院. Many of our former pupils have become distinguished professional musicians, 尤其是约翰·艾略特·加德纳爵士, 马克爵士的, 马克•维格斯沃斯, 罗伯特·萨克斯顿, 西蒙Standage, 艾米·卡森, 凯特皇家, 菲奥娜·克罗斯和露丝·罗杰斯. 

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音乐 is a popular subject at 普通中等教育证书考试 and 一个水平 and we are proud of our pupils' achievements.


In this wide-ranging course, candidates have the opportunity to perform, compose and analyse music. 60%的资格证书是课程作业, comprising two compositions and two performances (solo and ensemble). The other 40% of the course focuses on pupils’ ability to appraise, develop and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of musical elements, 音乐语境与音乐语言. This is learnt through four different genres of music, 从巴洛克时期开始, 直到20世纪的古典音乐, 包括摇滚在内的流行音乐, 流行与电影音乐, and Traditional music such as contemporary folk music. Alongside these genres, 普通中等教育证书考试 music pupils learn in detail about two study pieces. 这些是海顿的第二乐章 时钟的交响曲 还有三首披头士的Sgt. Pepper的寂寞之心俱乐部乐队.  


通过相互关联的学科分析, 成分和性能, this course aims to offer an understanding and appreciation of music spanning a wide timeframe. Pupils learn about the Western classical tradition through detailed study of a selection of set works including: the Baroque solo concerto, the operas of Mozart and the piano music of Chopin, 勃拉姆斯和格里格. 另外, 还有很多其他的研究领域, 选取其中两项进行详细研究. These options include, amongst others: Jazz, music for media and music for theatre.

Practical music making is at the heart of the course and is weighted so that pupils who are primarily performers will achieve due recognition. The composition component is sufficiently flexible to allow pupils to write freely and imaginatively.

  • Paper 1 – Written paper (40%) – 听ing, analysis and essays
  • Paper 2 – 性能 coursework (35%) – 10 minute recital
  • Paper 3 – Composition coursework (25%) – Two compositions


The IB音乐 course encourages pupils to appreciate all types of music from around the World. 通过历史研究, consideration of divergent cultures and their own music, 开放的思想, and first-hand experience of 执行 music of many kinds, pupils will reflect on the complexities of the human condition and the manifestation of such within musical media. The IB programme of study will involve a balance of listening, 语境的研究, 执行, 排练, 评价和质疑. Pupils will be encouraged to take a self-directed approach to their studies, 不仅调查自己喜欢的地区, 同时探索他们不熟悉的事物, 从而阐明了别人的观念, 与他们的不同, 也可以是正确的.

The course is structured around a 音乐al Perception component which involves both Historical and International analytical study. This includes detailed analysis of the set works (Haydn’s 交响曲》. G大调94,惊喜,Hob 1/94 拉赫曼尼诺夫的 帕格尼尼主题狂想曲,作品. 43) 哪一个是历史研究的重点. 另外, pupils will cover the history of Western Art 音乐 from 1575 to the present day chronologically and sequentially (Medieval and Renaissance; Baroque; Classical; Romantic; Twentieth Century; Jazz/Pop). 并行, 学生们将深入世界音乐的舞台, 考虑到非洲的音乐, 亚洲, 北美、南美和欧洲.

除了, a 音乐al Links investigation is carried out exploring significant musical links between two (or more) pieces from distinct musical cultures.

For the internally assessed component of the course, pupils are required EITHER to submit two pieces of composition with recordings and written work OR a recording selected from pieces presented during one or more public performance(s).

  • Internal Assessment (50%): 性能 or Composition
  • External Assessment (50%): Written Examination and 音乐al Links investigation
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Pupils of all standards are encouraged to perform and t在这里 are plenty of opportunities as soloists or within ensembles. 定期在学校举办正式和非正式的音乐会, 每年在伦敦和普尔举办大型音乐会, as well as performances in the local community mean that pupils gain experience and confidence, which can also have a positive impact in the classroom.

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A generous number of music scholarships and exhibitions are offered each year to candidates who demonstrate outstanding ability in any orchestral instrument, 钢琴或器官.

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The 汤姆·威尔音乐学校 opened in October 2014 and reaffirmed music’s place at the core of Bryanston life.



‘Bryanston stretched me and took me out of my comfort zone. I've become more willing to take risks and learn something new.'




哈利 is a music scholar at Bryanston; he’s reached Grade 8 cello, Grade 7 piano and Grade 6 singing. He’s also a high achiever academically and is a maths whizz who likes to invent apps in his spare time. It’s fair to say that 哈利 is the sort of pupil any school would 欢迎 with open arms – why did he pick Bryanston? 我选择Bryanston是因为它的广度和重点. They cultivate the arts as well as academia and creativity is at the heart of everything they do. The school has really stretched me academically and musically and the teaching is of a really high standard. T在这里’s so much variety 在这里 and it’s important to concentrate on the academic side as well as the musical. T在这里 are so many opportunities to perform at Bryanston. The first few times I was terrified, but it’s second nature now. I’ve really found that I’ve done so many concerts that it’s built up my confidence.’ After Bryanston 哈利 hopes to read a science subject at university and continue to perform on the cello.



When 艾米 grew frustrated at the lack of musical opportunities in her state secondary school, she emailed Bryanston to ask if she could go 在这里 instead to develop her singing. ‘I wanted to go somew在这里 w在这里 music was really part of school life,’ 艾米 explained. ‘Everyone’s involved in music in some way at Bryanston. Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, you’re supporting what other people are doing by going to hear them play. ‘I’d always really enjoyed 执行 musicals and when I came to Bryanston I got so involved in choirs and singing that I found I had a talent for classical choral singing. 在我以前的学校,我总是唱流行歌曲, but Bryanston stretched me and took me out of my comfort zone. I’ve become more willing to take risks and learn something new. That applies to a lot of stuff 在这里 – you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t expect and really enjoying it and learning from it.’ 艾米于2014年结束了在mgm高梅美线路入口的学业, w在这里 she was one of the first pupils to take the International Baccalaureate. 她现在在牛津大学攻读历史. ‘Oxford has such a strong choral tradition; I really want to get involved in that when I’m t在这里. 音乐将永远是我生活的一部分.’



山姆 is the drummer and main songwriter with up-and-coming alt rock band Doors to Manual, 由来自布莱扬斯顿的五个学生组成. Their EP A Faster Way 首页 has picked up great online reviews and the band performed a hugely popular set at the Larmer Tree Festival in July 2014. ‘T在这里 are lots of bands formed at Bryanston,’ said 山姆. ‘We get masses of help and support from the school. It’s such a creative place and t在这里 are so many concerts and gigs going on all the time, 所以mgm高梅美线路网站有很多比赛的机会. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I wanted to do musically without Bryanston – the facilities and the direction are amazing. T在这里’s so much going on 在这里 musically that you learn all the time and everyone is really into music.’



凯丝 is a real all-rounder; sporty, academic and musical. She adores sport and spends as much time as possible rowing, or on the netball court or hockey field. 音乐 is a way for her to relax and to socialise: ‘It’s so good to get away from everything and play. 音乐 is part of the atmosp在这里 and it’s a fun way to get to know other people. 我喜欢这里.' 凯丝 started learning violin when she was seven and took up the saxophone at the age of ten. ‘Bryanston really challenges you and t在这里’s a really great atmosp在这里. Everyone sees music as a fun thing but they try hard as well. 音乐在这里很流行, everyone’s involved and all the rock gigs and band concerts help you to enjoy the music because it’s on your level, 你可以随心所欲.’



卡米拉 and her parents chose Bryanston even though she had already won a music scholarship to another school. ‘We wanted a school w在这里 the music was part of life but t在这里 were also many other things on offer. I like sport and t在这里 are more opportunities at Bryanston to develop all your skills well,她解释说. While at Bryanston 卡米拉 played hockey, tennis, squash and lacrosse, plus she rowed. She gained Grade 8 for flute and piano and sang in the school choir. She performed in many concerts at venues including Poole Lighthouse, 骑士桥的圣保罗教堂, 索尔兹伯里和埃克塞特大教堂. ‘Bryanston is good at encouraging a stepping stone process to performance, starting with informal concerts in school and progressing up. It’s the same with sport – you progress through the levels and you can go as far as you want.’ 卡米拉 took 一个水平s in 2014 and went on to Durham University, w在这里 she is reading classics. She wants to keep her options open but is interested in a career involving writing. Whatever the future holds for her, music will be at its heart.